Loving Hut – Restaurant Review

my husband and i loved going to a restaurant called “Veggie House” while we were dating.  it was a great vegan place with delicious lemongrass “chicken.”  but a couple of years ago they sold out to vegan restaurant chain called Loving Hug.  we were wary at first, afraid they would totally change the menu.  while they made a few tweaks and parred it down a bit, they still offered our lemongrass chicken.  so we gave it a shot and loved it!  the sage lemongrass chicken is just as fantastic done by Loving Hut.  we also have ordered the potstickers and the wontons, both are also deliciouuuuuus.  so if you have a Loving Hut near you and are considering trying it, GO! go now!  vegan chinese food that never misses!