Kraft Veggie Mac ‘n Cheese

for a vegetarian, i admit i eat like crap.  i’m a carb addict.  my staples are breads, pastas, and cheese.  carb, carb, fat.  i try to eat whole grain when possible but more veggies on my plate would still be a better way to go, and i know it!  i love most veggies so why don’t i eat more.  well the answer is easy, i’m not very good at making them and prepping them is tedious (not the first time i’ve admitted to being lazy!)   i can steam em, sauté em, even grill em.  but plain veggies are still so boring.  covering them in cheese isn’t really a healthy solution though it’s my go-to.  butter; not better.  i know the right sauces can add some flare, but i don’t know how to make those sauces off hand.  so i get disillusioned with veggies and i end up not making them nearly as often as i should.  bad vegetarian! bad!  someone should roll up a newspaper and slap me on the nose when i cook!

so how can i get more servings of veggies without feeling put out, annoyed, or frustrated at my lack of skills in that area? Kraft Veggie Pasta & Cheese. you can look at it as “hiding the vegetables” if that’s what you want to do, but i see it as awesome!  i see it as finding an opportunity to fit yet more vegetable servings onto the plate and cut down on useless regular simple carbs.

the noodles in kraft veggie mac ‘n cheese are actually made out of cauliflower flour!  right there i get a serving of vegetables.  now is that enough to live on?  should mac ‘n cheese become my new staple?  no of course not!  but i don’t see how it can NOT  be beneficial when paired with more veggies.  for instance, tonight was mac ‘n cheese with green beans.  normally i would have done broccoli on the side, but i had none.  and i could easily pair the mac ‘n cheese and broccoli with tofurky sausages or morningstar farms riblets for a fun summer bbq meal.

now i’ve read some blogs where people have complained that if you “hide” the vegetables to trick your kids into eating them, then you aren’t teaching them good eating habits and how to make good decisions.  when i was a kid, my mom cooked just about every meal with sides of vegetables, and usually additional carbs.  spaghetti with meat sauce, broccoli, green beans, and cheese bread.  the point is the veggies were there, and i ate them.  i didn’t have to be tricked or have them hidden.  i liked them, i ate them.  yet still as an adult i make poor eating decisions when it comes to creating my own plates.  furthermore, i feel a lot of very busy parents often end up giving their kids simple meal fixes (such as just mac ‘n cheese) or at least whatever will elicit the least fight at dinner time.  for those who are going to do that anyway, why not make it something they’ll eat that has a little extra nutrional value to it.  if it’s that big of a deal to you, then after your kid eats it and expresses liking it, tell them the secret.  it’s also okay for kids to think that food they actually enjoy, and see as a treat, can be good for them as well.

so boil up a box, pair with a salad and some steamed veggies, a little protein AND ENJOY!.

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