Super Easy Cute Coaster Craft

i started this project months and months and months ago.  i actually made a few of these coasters, and even started the one for this tutorial, before i even knew i was pregnant actually!  according to google+ i began this tutorial on march 6th lol oh well with procrastination i can always say “better late than never!”  what took me so long was needing my husband to be around to take a picture with my cell phone while i used the hot glue gun.  but i kept forgetting to ask him, and when i would think about it, i’d be too lazy to set everything up again.  add to that being so exhausted and unmotivated the first trimester that all i wanted to do was sleep.

so here we are sitting around the house doing jack and i got bored.  so i decided it was time to get crafty again… but in baby steps.  hey i know a project i started months ago, that’s super easy, that i never finished!  cd drink coasters!  hazzah!

so i set everything up, made my husband stand up and take a couple of pictures, and got to work in photoshop.  hey you should see the originals… everything is always yellow or orange no matter how much natural light i use!

super easy cute cd coaster craft


  • cd you don’t plan on listening to again (i have tons of scratched ones i’ve salvaged from my car that won’t even play)
  • contact paper or self-adhesive shelf liner (mine has cherries – bought at the 99cent store)
  • non-slip shelf liner (the foamy spongy stuff, any color but i used white/creme – also bought this at the 99cent store but you can get it just about where housewares are sold including
  • pencil
  • marker
  • scissors
  • glue gun (and of course, glue)
  • *optional: paper towel/rag & surface cleaner

what to do with all that stuff:

  1. optional: use the paper towel and cleaner to clean the front and back of your cd.  this may help your liners to stick to it better, especially the self-adhesive contact paper.
  2. lay your cd on your non-slip shelf liner and trace with your marker.  you can try the pencil but i found that the material was a little too squishy for the line to really show up easily.  then cut out your circle(s).  i suggest doing more than one at a time.
  3. lay your cd on the “wrong side” of your contact paper or self-adhesive shelf liner.  the “wrong side” just means the back, the part that won’t be seen.  trace with pencil, and cut.  i don’t suggest tracing with the marker here because it may bleed through to the right side.
  4. next glue the non-slip liner to the back of the cd.  you can do this anyway that works for you but i suggest laying the liner on the cd first then apply glue in sections around the edge.  press flat but be ginger as the glue may still be hot in places and come through the holes in the liner.
  5. peel the backing off of your contact paper and carefully apply to the front of the cd.  smooth out and adjust as needed to remove bubbles.
  6. place a big sweaty glass of tea on your coaster, and enjoy!  no more wet rings and you’ve given new purpose to some old cds.

what i love about these is that they work great: they don’t slide around easily and they are very easy to clean since that’s the whole idea behind shelf-lining contact paper.  there are so many different varieties of contact paper out there that you can really customize your coasters to go with any occasion or décor.  just a warning on cd choice.  if you use a cd that has any writing or graphics on the front, it may show through your contact paper.  you can avoid this by either using the “top” of the cd to adhere the non-slip liner or apply a layer of solid color contact paper to the top before applying your patterned or final choice contact paper.  personally, i like the writing and graphics showing through!  this way i can always remember those cds lost to scratches, abuse, and time and they can make an interesting conversation piece.

RIP Brave Saint Saturn… you will be missed!

BONUS: some cool contact paper on (links active as of 7/23/2012)


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