HAH!  it just occurred to me, today, that i’ve never put my own content on this page!  well, well, well where has my brain been?  oh yeah… someone ate it!

so about me…

well as you may have guessed, i currently have a fondness for zombies.  i think this is my way of battling the recurring zombie-apocalypse nightmares i had been having on and off for several years.  just a stress thing, but they were scary!  so now i’m owning the zombie-ness!

in life, i had been a native born bay area californian.  after high school, i moved to arizona.  for a guy.  yeah.  but i stayed for college and friends.  i earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education (that means i chose to work with teenagers!!!  see… i’m drawn to the scary) and built myself a life there, then, in 2008 i died.  well i became a zombie.  i moved back to california, lived with my parents, and the job thing went stagnant.  hooray recession??  still wanting to be productive, i returned to school and earned a master’s in educational technology leadership (um… using technology to teach).  through all of this, my now-husband and then-friend, decided that since i had left arizona, it was safe to tell me he had an interest in me.  great timing dude!  so we did the long distance thing for a while then i convinced him that he really wanted to marry a zombie.  he proposed and a year later, on Friday January 13, 2012 (yes, Friday the 13th) we became Mr. and Mrs. Zombiesen.

we went to Disney World and Sea World for our honeymoon (funnest week ever!!), returned to california to pick up my cats, and hauled my deadbutt back to arizona.  in march we returned to pack-up my belongings and drive them down to arizona as well.  by that time, i was pregnant with a little pea-sized alien growing in my belly.  we didn’t know it for sure for another couple of weeks, but she was in there!  hey he’s from a mormon heritage, and mine is catholic… we figure we were designed to breed… or spawn… whatever you wanna call it.  so into the world we will bring Abigail Rose.

now i’m “learning to wife” in that i’m learning how to be a wife and soon mother.  i believe that even after 20 years, this will still be a learning process.  i’m learning how to make him happy in our relationship, and what it takes to make me happy as well.  i don’t do it often enough, but i’m trying to learn how to be the house cook.  i’m trying to find any kind of talent or skill i may possess that i can use to bring in any amount of income so i don’t have to feel like dead weight (heh i love all the dead and zombie references i can make).  so far no luck there, but i persist until i have an actual full-time preferably classroom job of my own.  until such time, my husband and i have agreed that i’ll take care of the cleaning and organization of the house, cooking, dishes, laundry, shopping, etc.  the agreement is that once i have a full-time job we’ll revisit the idea of divvying up responsibilities around here.  but i feel that as long as he’s the sole bread winner, then i SHOULD be doing the housework as my way of contributing.  the down side: i’m not very good at it heh so again, i’m learning.  i know… i’m a terrible feminist… sue me (i would say eat me, but rotted flesh isn’t very appetizing).

oh i’m also overly attached to my kitties, Big Kitty and Little Kitty.  i may or may not post about them often, but if you were to see my photo archive on Google+ you would find dozens upon dozens of kitty pictures from my phone.  i think about them all the time, i talk about them all the time, and i panic at every sign of illness.  i’ve had them 14 years, they are about 16 years old.  they both have kidney issues and Biggins is prone to UTIs.  they ARE my little girls.  and lucky for me, my husband loves them too.  i’m blessed that he loves cuddling with them, he feeds them as often as i do, he cleans their litter boxes for me while i’m pregnant, cleans up after them when they get sick, takes them to the vet, and has several times mustered up the courage to give Biggins her fluids (which means using a needle… something we are both scared of, he even more so than i).  his openness and acceptance makes my heart tingle!

we have a dog as well, Colt, my husband’s contribution to the fuzzy family.  about 10 years ago he found Colt roaming the desert when he was just a youngin’ while he and some friends were having target practice on some old computer parts.  he gave Colt water, let him sleep under his jeep, took him to a vet to remove the cactus quills, and fell in fuzzy love with him.  Colt and i have our issues.  he’s jealous of the attention i get that used to be all his and 80% of the time refuses to listen to me especially around visitors or my husband.  and when i’m friendly with him, he starts misbehaving… go figure!  but… he’s adorable.  absolutely one of the cutest doggy faces ever.  he makes my husband just light up and i know our daughter will love his fuzzy-butt as well.  he’s our four-legged son and i wouldn’t trade him for the world.

well, that’s me in a coffin!


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