Red Tulle Flower Hair Fascinator

The past two days I’ve been browsing a lot of crafting sites, blogs, and forums.  I guess I caught the crafting bug because I decided to start and finish a project I’d been contemplating taking on for a couple of weeks now.  It all started a couple of weeks ago when I realized that I forgot to bring any cute hair decorations with me when I moved in January.  I’ll be picking everything up in March for the official “big” move, but until then, I had no way to cute up my hair!  So I found some hair clips at the dollar store and snapped them up.  I knew I had some tulle and a glue gun with me, and I had made a tulle flower to decorate a box for holding my wedding RSVPs last year.  So I thought, why not make another and stick it on a hair clip then stick it in my hair!

So, with the influence of a thousand craft forums, I got to work!  I’m not great at tutorials so I’ll just give a quick run down of how I did it.

1. cut circles out of tulle.  i cut two sizes: large and small.

2. use a lighter to lightly singe the edges of each circle.  edges will curl up which is a good thing! that gives depth and texture to the look.

3. stack singed circles (now petals) in a nice arrangement then sew all layers together through the center.

4. sew a small button to the center of the flower.

5. cut a small circle of out felt, about half the diameter of the biggest tulle circle.  hot glue the felt circle to the back of the flower.  sew through center again for extra support if you want (i did).

6. cut a rectangular strip of felt just a touch smaller than the widest part of the felt circle.  hot glue the very edges of the strip to the felt circle.  you should be able to slip your finger right behind the felt strip.  this is where you can slip through any type of hair clip you want to use!

Viola!  Tulle Flower Hair Fascinator FTW!!

Update: i wore my flower pin out today and got complimented on it!  so awesome! i almost didn’t say it, but then i did because i thought “what the hell?! why not take some credit?” and said thank you, that i’d just made it yesterday! 😀 that felt nice