Trader Joe’s Breaded Eggplant Cutlets

i’d love to cook every meal, every night, from scratch but i’ll be honest – i’m lazy and cheap.  oh sure i get it, spend $50 on groceries but when you break down cost per serving, a meal for two might be less than $4.  that’s not a lot of money, i know! but it’s that initial expense that adds up, especially when i can’t think of other things to make with the same ingredients.  laziness… that’s just me.  sometimes i just want quick and easy!

however, i try to cook something that’s not pre-made at least once or twice a week.  one of the meals i’ve been wanting to make is eggplant parmesan, which i used to make all the time and everyone always loved.  i went to Trader Joe’s to get Raisin Bran, Trader Ohs, and queso.  while there i figured i’d pick up something frozen for din-din.  they have so many things that i love eating!  i put back risotto and polenta before i saw this box of beauty: Eggplant Cutlets!!  yes! they took the time consuming part out of eggplant parmesan!  no peeling, no salt water bathing, no breading, no seasoning, just baking!

so tonights dinner, a real crowd pleaser, was baked Trader Joe’s eggplant cutlets, stacked, covered in leftover vodka spaghetti sauce, and covered with a slice of melty cheddar cheese then served with a side of green peas.  okay, not exactly eggplant parmesan, but fantabulous none-the-less!  and the box was less than $4 and i didn’t even bake it all!  so if you’re looking for something fast, cheap, and tasty then i highly HIGHLY recommend these cutlets.  oh and one more quick note… if you do weight watchers, it has 6 points plus per serving!  not too shabby!